On the Quest for a Coherent and Unitary Theory for the Interdisciplinary Field of Communication Studies

  • Cristinel Munteanu
  • Emanuel Grosu Researcher, "Alexandru Ioan Cuza" University of Iasi
Keywords: communication studies; interdisciplinarity; transdisciplinarity; paradigm; theory


The field of communication studies is an extremely various one, this diversity
being generated by each and every science which deals in a specific manner with the object of
communication or language in itself. However, there are great efforts nowadays to build or to
identify a coherent and unitary theory or even a paradigm in order to guide, in a transdisciplinary
way, the sciences of such a vast domain. One of the relevant proposals in this regard, coming
from Ioan S. Cârâc, is that of considering semiotics as a transdisciplinary method or of taking as
a paradigm Eugenio Coseriu’s integral linguistics.