The Abuse of Children Growing Up in Conflicting Families


  • Neaga Susanu


behaviors; self-esteem; delinquency; adolescent; social norms


Children must be respected as separate beings. Their privacy, personal life and normal
development must be respected. Children’s rights to protection and liberty must be recognized and a
safe environment for the life or development of children must be guaranteed when they are abused or
exploited. From a humanitarian and legal perspective, the social need to care for children and protect
them from unfavorable and sometimes dangerous family environments is relatively recent. Unresolved
conflicts between husband and wife affect children because they have endless love and loyalty to their
parents. Conflicts can occur in any couple, but unresolved ones create serious problems. Child abuse
has been a public debate since the 1960’s. Today, however, killing children, forcing minors to work
long hours, or treating minors as “young adults” is considered abusive behavior, but in the past, it was
common practice. Children who are abused or abused at home change their social behavior.


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