Effects of the Pandemic on the Human Psychology and Behavior

  • Neaga Susanu Danubius University of Galati
Keywords: pandemic; behavior; quarantine; state; emotion; changes


Specialists in social psychology have published preliminary conclusions on the change in human behavior during the pandemic. But for the conclusions that some measures will be possible, the studies must be carried out on a larger time scale. With the onset of the pandemic, we all needed to adapt to the newly created situation, the newly emerged rules / laws to survive the COVID -19 virus. At the level of primary reaction, our mind knows that something bad is happening, but it cannot identify it, it is practically impossible to make a representation. This fragments our sense of security that is lost along the way. Most of the administrative, professional, political decisions during the quarantine period are the responsibility of the management in the public health system

Author Biography

Neaga Susanu, Danubius University of Galati

Senior Lecturer, PhD, Faculty of Communication and International Relations, Specialization Psychology


***General Diagnostic Clinic, COJANU Silvia Florina/ 20.05.2020.
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